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Mark Shelton - Obsidian Dreams - CD


Image of Mark Shelton - Obsidian Dreams - CD

"Obsidian Dreams" invites you to discover the acoustic dream worlds of Mark "The Shark" Shelton, leader of the famous Epic Metal band MANILLA ROAD! His solo album is unlike MANILLA ROAD, dedicated to balladesque Rock and Folk elements and shows a big variety. Already the first title "Blood on the Snow" contains some Celtic and Nordic melodies. In "Falling Off The World" you will even recognize some steeldrums.

Those who have always appreciated the quiet moments of MANILLA ROAD will get their money's worth!

ZYX / GoldenCore

-Digipak CD

Track Listing:

1. Blood Upon the Snow
2. Obsidian Dreams
3. Burned
4. Falling off the World
5. Love is Cruel
6. Waiting in the Wings
7. Tree of Life
8. Into the Light
9. Brave New World