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Mark of the Beast - CD

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*Check out the "Dreams of Eschaton" 2xCD or 2xLP for the best version of these recordings. It is an unfortunately little-known fact that the "Dreams Of Eschaton" release is actually the "Mark of the Beast" LP but with MUCH better sound from a better tape source and remastered by Patrick Engel. The 2xCD version of "Dreams Of Eashcaton" also includes the 1979 demo (the "Underground" LP) and a 1979 89.1 KMUW FM broadcast (the "After Midnight Live" LP).

Monster Records

Track Listing:

1. Mark Of The Beast
2. Court Of Avalon
3. Avatar
4. Dream Sequence
5. Time Trap
6. Black Lotus
7. Teacher
8. Aftershock
9. Venusian Sea
10. Triumvirate