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After Midnight Live - CD


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”Manilla Road, the grandfathers of Epic Heavy Metal are truly a remarkable band in the history of Heavy Metal. This release marks a time period before the break out of their first album “Invasion”. These 5 songs mark the 2nd half of their very long radio show on a cold, snowy night in the winter of December 1979. Luckily the 2nd half of the show has all the unreleased Manilla Road songs fans are dying to hear. These songs represent the “Invasion” sound and the start of one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands in the history of Heavy Metal. There’s 5 Epic songs, transferred straight off the master tapes untouched, raw, and with antique charm.” -Shadow Kingdom Records

Track Listing:

1. Chromaphobia
2. Life’s So Hard
3. Pentacle Of Truth
4. Dream Of Peace
5. Herman Hill